Sophie Jacq is born in Cannes in 1978 and studied on the french riviera.

Self educated artist and designer, she started creating in 1997 at the age of 19 in St Barths.

She began with digital tools to produce large canvases, plexiglass, porcelain de Limoges...

She now mixes the digital technics with building materials like cement, resin or fiber glass to create large hybrids art pieces between painting and sculpture.

The cabinet of curiosity is her favorite theme, interesting scary things, she embelishes to give a gloss and modern aspect to rare, strange and somewhat frightful objects or symbols. The influence is the exotic and stylish atmosphere that she captures observing people and places. The art radiates a positive energy; a touch of humor and a jetset genre.

Most exhibitions in galleries are either on the french riviera and on the island of St Barths.